Insurance Case Study

Client Case Study

Industry: Insurance

Sponsor: VP, Data Management & Analysis

The Data Management & Analysis department had a good enterprise reporting solution but needed more.
  • Ability to monitor employee performance on both an individual and team level in comparison to strategic objectives set by the organization
  • Better insight into what factors were affecting their operational costs

The project used a collaborative approach enabling the client to be self-supportive once the initial system was built and implemented.
  • Training on business processes, including analyzing business drivers, key performance indicators (KPIs), and dynamic analysis capabilities
  • Training on Business Objects (the business intelligence (BI) platform chosen to support the project)
  • Development using iterative cycles to provide shorter time-to-market and ensuring all business requirements were being met
  • Dashboard creation with deep drill-down capabilities


The final solution included a robust dashboard that provided graphical and analytical displays of various KPIs that supported the business team, including the Chief Administration Officer.
  • Better understanding of performance
  • Effect on corporate goals
  • Decision making based on analysis to meet the organizational goals, increasing profitability.