Client Case Study

Industry: Non-Profit Organization

Sponsor: Director, Research & Development

Our client manages and administers a data exchange of public sector liability and workers’ compensation claims, judgments, and exposures that provides vital information for risk management decision-makers. It allows public entities of all types to compare themselves with their peers and learn from the experiences of other jurisdictions. Public entities and risk pools can improve their risk management programs, make better-informed policy decisions, and thereby better control liability and workers’ compensation costs from the analysis capabilities provided by the data exchange.
  • Our client was looking for assistance to improve their primary offering. Internalize all operations
  • Provide customers improved abilities to access the system
  • Allow clients to export the data in the format most appropriate to them
  • Provide analytical tools to help facilitate customer peer comparison activities


The top priority was to remove a lot of the manual burden from the client's staff members.
  • Internalization of the data collection process that was being supported by a third party provider. 
    • Development of a data collection web site
    • Establishment of an internally operated solution enabling outside access from the various customer organizations
    • Creation of FTP process for file transfer
    • Development of a data warehouse for data aggregation and comparison
    • Restructuring of the output process to seamlessly interact with the new procedures. 
The new data warehouse and upgraded business intelligence solution provided more robust query and analysis capabilities for the external customers and their desire for highly customizable peer-to-peer risk comparisons.

The ultimate solution enabled the client to
  • Internalize their processes
  • Improve client relationships
  • Increase analytical functionality
  • Reduce non-value added manual processes

The client now has complete control over their processes, their customer experience, and their future initiatives as this solution can be replicated or expanded into other areas to support their primary strategies to serve public entities, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations with relevant and high quality enterprise risk management information, training, data, and data analysis.