Client Case Study

Industry: Retail

Sponsor: VP, Human Resources

This large retail store chain was in need of a solution to solve problems in 3 main categories.
  • Legal and Compliance Risk Mitigation:
    • Better, more comprehensive employee tracking
    • Visibility into historical department/store rosters
    • Visibility into historical employee/manager relationships
    • Compliance report for Pharmacists
  • Talent Management
    • Inability for existing HR solution to produce a comprehensive employee profile (personal, job, and performance attributes)
    • Inability to perform store-to-store job/employee costing assessment
    • Limited visibility for Regional and Divisional Executives of recent job transitions when conducting store visits
    • Inability to track details needed for services awards and employee recognition program
    • Concerns over turn-over and employee retention
    • Limited ability for HR to effectively weigh-in on promotion candidates
  • Process Improvements:
    • Cumbersome manual processes existed for 3rd party benefits providers as the necessary information could not easily be transmitted from data sources


Strategis built a comprehensive data warehouse which combined the following data
  • Store Information (size, departments, location, status)
  • Employee Information (demographics, relationships, benefits)
  • Job/Role Information (department, level)
  • Achievements
  • Performance

The final solution was a robust system that supported all required needs.
  • Reports enabling Legal and Human Resources to quickly get necessary information
  • Automated data extracts were created to provide information to 3rd party providers
  • A talent management dashboard was created for Human Resources to work more effectively


With the new system, the client immediately saw a return on investment through improved processes.
  • Legal inquiries could be responded to within a matter of minutes vs. days or even weeks as had been the norm prior to system implementation
  • Managers and Directors were able to quickly assess store performance and had quick visibility into every employee within their stores
  • Human Resources was able to implement an employee recognition system which improved morale reducing turn-over
  • Human Resources was able to easily provide feedback on promotion candidates allowing the promotion cycle to complete much more quickly than before, further reducing turn-over
  • Elimination of manual processes saved an average of 300 employee hours each month