Client Case Study

Industry: Technology, Software

Sponsor: CEO, President

The client wanted to develop a Business Intelligence offering for their primary product line (an Association Management System). They wanted to produce role- centric dashboards to be integrated as an information portal within the user interface of the AMS application. This project was a strategic extension of their current offering that would provide additional value to their client base, differentiate from their competition, and develop a revenue source for additional professional services and license revenue.

Using an iterative development process, the Business Intelligence offering was to be rolled out in phases. The initial phase included product and interface integration and an initial data mart focusing on memberships. Subsequent data sets would be added to the solution as individual data marts to be combined with the previously deployed data marts making up an overall data warehouse.

Due to market pressures and a well received prototype introduction at their annual user group conference, the development timeline was extremely critical to the success of the project. Lots of integrated components needed to be developed in parallel to achieve an on-time Phase I rollout. To ensure success and mitigate risk, Strategis Consulting was hired to act as project manager and lead technical advisor with support from internal client resources for application knowledge, market/customer analysis, and development.

Strategis Consulting assumed the role of project manager and lead technical advisor overseeing the client's existing product development team. Through several training sessions and the build-out of a working prototype, client resources became versed in the technology, methodology, and strategies surrounding business intelligence.

The technical solution involved leveraging a leading business intelligence product suite and integrating it into the framework of the client's AMS architecture. Built in a modular fashion using iterative development cycles, data marts, ETL procedures, and analytical content would be developed over time to comprise the full reporting, analysis, and performance management offering.