Work Samples

The client wanted to improve their direct mail results. Strategis assisted with procuring and implementing an end-to-end analytics platform for reporting and analysis throughout their business. We helped them to define a set of processes and best practices for smart coding, tracking, and analyzing the results for all direct marketing activities (across multiple channels: web, email, and direct mail).

Strategis helped a multi-billion dollar healthcare organization to automate a manual work process which resulted in a direct $100K+ in annual workforce savings. With this new system, the organization gained better insight/transparency into business decisions that will have a nearly one-billion dollar impact to their bottom line.

Providing books, courses, and conferences to their 140K+ members, effective marketing is one of the biggest areas of concern for this client. Strategis helped them to implement business processes and data management practices that has not only enabled them to grow their membership by over 20% in the last 2 years, but has also helped them to reduce their direct marketing expenses through more targeted campaigns.

Strategis developed a comprehensive analytics platform that enabled this Fortune 500 retail chain to improve vendor management, assess marketing efforts, and understand customer/brand loyalty within discrete market segments. To date, our customer has been able to annualize nearly $1 million in improvements based on these new capabilities.


Strategis implemented an operations dashboard application that helped to align frontline store managers with their district and regional executives. Our solution empowered store management by sharing details of the sales forecast, staffing budget, stock availability, etc. As a result, the store could effectively manage their departments to maximize resources and improve profitability.