Since 2006, Strategis has been providing business intelligence solutions, data management services, and custom application development for clients along the East Coast. We believe data-based strategies drive business growth. We embrace the challenge of helping clients manage, assess, and leverage data to execute their business strategies. 


  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Finance

From point-of-sale to marketing to logistics, clients leverage Strategis to manage the volumes of data that indundates the retail industry. Knowing who is buying what, when, and where is the tip of the iceberg. Strategis helps retailers recognize best practices in store operations, establish right-size thresholds for inventory management, execute their tax-savings strategies, and leverage their resources to maximize productivity.

With ever increasing touchpoints, complexities, and integration demands, Strategis provides solutions for Providers and Payers to improve data quality, management of the data ecosystem, and analytical solutions. Transparency, accuracy, and timeliness of information is crucial for managing patient populations, staffing care teams, and keeping the organization profitable. Strategis helps clients succeed in Healthcare with best practices in governance and stewardship.

Being able to recognize a trend, predict the outcome, or leverage advanced analytics is the foundation of success in financial services. Strategis helps clients implement solutions to mitigate risk, manage compliance, identify opportunities, and increase efficiencies.