How Automation Can Transform Business Processes

business automation

We live in times of rapid market change. The technology that is driving this trend is also helping businesses keep up with it. As a result, you cannot separate modern business processes from modern-day technology.

The critical area for development is agility, to respond to the cause of the change, and automation is an indispensable tool to achieve it. Over the years, employees have complained about their work seeming like chores, and they are not far from the truth. Simple automation tools can take care of these chores easily, leaving room for productivity and innovation.

How Automation Can Transform Your Business Process

There are three main areas in your business process – management, operations, and support. Automation impacts all three. When we talk about automation taking care of the redundant process, we are thinking of ease of work, but when you apply the same tools to your team’s work volume, it is not just about comfort. It is about efficiency.

Once we minimize or eliminate most of these tasks, your human resource’s key responsibility is making decisions. Data analysis and automation help you make the right decision based on hard facts and statistics. Not only that, but they also help you monitor and optimize your business performance. No more Excel nightmares that frustrate you into long unproductive hours of manual labor. Let us look at the three universal areas for all businesses and see how automation can help.


Management relies on decision-making within the scope of the company. You can use automation to reduce massive databases into reliable numbers and figures. You can use this data visualization along with data analysis to make informed decisions. You can do it easily by using services like Denodo or Microsoft Power BI that can integrate with your existing database.

Automation speeds up decision making in many other ways. Data visualization is a small subset and an example of what is known as business intelligence. Business intelligence tools use automation to help you manage, from setting up and scaling to being an industry leader.


Operations only work when they’re solution-oriented. Data entry is a typical example of operations automation, and software such as NetSuite can do it quickly. But the scope of automation in operations goes further than that. There’s a lot more you can do with it. For example, you can implement report automation to break the communication barrier between operations and management.

The software can integrate payroll and timesheets to generate automated payslips. Enrollment automation and human resources management software can simplify hiring, background checks, and simple tasks such as leave requests. Supply chain and expense management can reduce the workload of your finance team.

Operations is the playground of automation and AI developers. All this comes together in a smooth operation cycle that takes care of itself with the right inputs. These solutions are made to work well together and can be easily integrated by your IT consultant.


Automated emailing is a mainstream solution, be it acknowledgments, order summaries, or shipping status, but did you know some programs can automate the purchase orders and invoice as well? It is a giant leap from manual data entry of orders, communicating with vendors, and issuing an invoice.

Chatbots are gaining popularity as well. They are no longer considered a nuisance or a gimmick. People rely on them for quick responses. In a survey, forty-two percent of people expected immediate replies from chatbots. While we prefer human respondents, chatbots are the natural successors of contact forms.

With the research and development in natural language processing, voice-based automated calling is not too far into the future.

Summing up: Let Your Organization Give You Its Best

Proper organization and efficiency are the critical solutions to many of your business problems, and the best way to achieve them is through optimization and automation. When done correctly, these practices save you time and improve productivity, leading to motivated and goal-oriented teams. Businesses have never had this flexibility and availability of tools to achieve fully optimized business processes. Streamlining individual tasks to create a structured workflow needs an expert. When it is a priority, reach out to Strategis for more information on optimized business solutions and services.