Data Management Services

Strategis’ range of services is centered on giving you the ability to leverage data-based insights to make smarter business decisions and improve performance.

Whether you want to utilize business intelligence (BI) solutions to gain better insight or create solutions to automate cumbersome, manual internal processes, we can create a custom plan for you.

We can also help you maintain your applications and ensure the integrity of your data. And, we can even help you find the right candidate to fill permanent or project-based roles.

  • Solution Delivery
  • Managed Services
  • Staffing & Recruiting

Solution Delivery

Having the right tools is a great start, but it’s only the beginning. At Strategis, we can both provide you with the business intelligence tools to reach—and surpass—your goals, and also help you get the most out of your current business intelligence platform.

Maximizing Current Tools and Creating New Ones

Strategis can provide you with tools handpicked to boost your business intelligence. However, we can also help you make sure you’re analyzing the right data. This involves selecting the appropriate data sets and ensuring they are of high quality.

Strategis can also create custom applications to automate the manual data-gathering process. We take all the relevant data and structure it so that it can be used in reporting and other initiatives.

Managed Services

Managing business intelligence can be a labor-intensive, time-consuming endeavor. Strategis can lift the burden while simultaneously optimizing your business intelligence initiatives. To make things easier for you and your team, Strategis can:

  • Provide application support and administration services to help you manage your databases and business intelligence platforms
  • Manage the process of migrating data from:
    • An old technology to a new solution
    • An on-premise solution to the cloud
  • Provide remote monitoring and maintenance services for solutions you already have in-place or ones Strategis implements for you

Staffing & Recruiting

Strategis leverages years of experience in business intelligence to choose the best staffing solutions for your needs. We understand how the right staffing decisions can shorten the timeline to value. We use our years of experience with designing and implementing successful solutions to find you experienced contractors for project-based assignments. 

Need help growing your team? Allow Strategis to help you identify the best candidates to help you succeed.

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